Led by the Spirit

It was time for our team to serve the people living in Lerato Park (the shanty town we were living in). As a team we prayed together that the Holy Spirit would lead us to the people he wanted us to speak to and show love to.
Most of us being white, we are like magnets to the children as we walk through their villages. So as we were walking, we soon had a crowd of children following us. We didn’t know exactly where we were going, but I felt the need to do something purposeful with these children. Soon we came to a rock, and the story of the wise and foolish builders came into my mind. I sat down on the rock, telling the children I was going to share a story with them. They were thrilled. We went through the story very interactively. At the end of the story they started asking about who God was. At that moment I just thought wow, this is nothing I am doing, but God just stepping into the situation to make his name great. I went on to share Jesus, what he did for us on the cross and what his love means for us.
It was totally unplanned, but just an answer to our prayers for the Holy Spirit to guide us.
May He be praised.


A beautiful journey has begun

We walk by another tiny shack…children just sitting in the dirt playing with a piece of wire, baby crying in her mothers arms as she stands in the doorway of her shack…living without any purpose. Inside is a dear old granny laying on the floor. She is sheltered from the sun but not the heat…as the shacks are just made from old pieces of tin and whatever is laying around. We are invited inside. As we step in, we sense a deep darkness. Many charms and signs of witchcraft on the walls. We simply ask if there is anything we can pray for this family. Granny had been given a stroke two years ago from a witch doctor and would like to be healed. We pray for God’s love and glory to be shown to her through the healing of her body. After praying she starts to receive some life into her hands and arms. We want to see complete healing, but then notice bands around her wrists and ankles. She had been given them by a witch doctor in the belief that they would protect her from any evil spirits coming into her. But really they are like a curse and attracting evil spirits. We proceed to explain that nothing of that will be able to save her or protect her…she must be freed of this curse, for Jesus has overcome all darkness and in Him she will find freedom. She asked for the bands to be cut off…she wanted to be rid of spiritual darkness. We prayed against all the powers of darkness to leave her and continued introducing her to Jesus. This was a beautiful experience…as next she was able to stand up! Her balance wasn’t completely there yet so we prayed for her again. At this time we needed to leave.
The next day we went back to visit this shack…the granny then accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour!!!! We had the privilege of praying with her again for healing to happen in her heart, as well as in her body.
Looking into her eyes was so beautiful, as you can now see the light, rather than total darkness that used to control her.
We will continue visiting and discipling this dear lady each day until we leave the Shanty town (slum) this Saturday.
Everyone is on their own journey with God, and I feel so blessed to be apart of this dear granny’s.
PRAY for her, as rest of the family is still caught in darkness…


Trek Update

Our team is really special. There is 13 of us Trekkies, plus Hanna & Eduard (leaders). We represent 7 different countries, and have already come together as one unit. There is a lot of deep stuff going on within our team, and when we are unified there is so much energy behind us.
The trek is one hundred percent not about us, but all about Jesus…this is beautiful.

We have been together on our base since the 29th of January. It is a beautiful farm near Potchefstroom, South Africa.
The past few weeks have been so intense and so challenging. There have been different people coming in to teach and disciple us before we ‘head out’. We have been challenged to take a step back and look at what our faith really means to us. Pray for spiritual strength and energy as we have one more heavy week of input. This is where I am at personally…

“To be a Christian is really to be on a journey together with my Lord. It means that I am in Christ living with his power in me. For I have come to repentance, realizing I am nothing without him. I believe in Jesus – and that I have been crucified with him, buried and raised with him. With Christ, Satan has been defeated. He has no power over me whatsoever. I have been baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – I am a new creation. The Holy Spirit lives in me and is guiding me each day. It’s not about me being saved from hell. It’s about the fact that I am clean from my sins, that I may draw closer and closer to Jesus each day. I must now live my life in constant faith…to bring others on this journey with me. I must press on towards the kingdom, for that is the only way. It’s not about crossing a line and being saved. It’s about living in Christ – living for the kingdom. I am being restored daily and used for God’s service and work here on earth. It’s all about God and nothing to do with me…it’s about disciples, not converts.”

Where are we next?
February 15th we start our ‘trek’…driving down to Kimberly and spending time in the southern tip of South Africa.

March 15-April 8: Namibia
April 9-May 2: Zambia
May 3-May 16: Malawi
May 17-June 15: Mozambique
June 16-June 30: South Africa
These are the places and dates of where we are planning to be…dates will most likely change as we go.

I am filled with joy for the exciting journey ahead…a journey together with God of making His name great amongst the African people!