Trek in Namibia

Just a quick update to say that we have made it safely to Namibia!

From what we have been told, the next three weeks here will be very intense and challenging, but also exciting to see how God will work within our own lives as well as the people we will be spending time with.

The only information we have received so far is that we will be leaving tomorrow morning for a week in the ‘bush’. We will be led through an intense week of physical and spiritual challenges together as a team. It will be a time dependant only on faith…I’m very excited about this!

The following two weeks our team will be splitting up into three groups, working in different places with other Namibian missionaries. I’m expecting great things during this time.

How can you pray?
Please ask God to show you how to pray…as I don’t have a lot of insight to give 🙂

Hawa from Somalia

“Are you from the UN??”
The question Joel and I received multiple times by Somalian refugees in search for a better life. Because we were white, they assumed we must be from the UN and there to give them money, passports and a ticket to a more prosperous country.
Unfortunately we were unable to help anyone in this way…but we were able to connect with a Muslim lady. She spent a few hours sharing her life story with us and the many struggles she’s been through. I felt very privileged to be trusted so quickly by her, and to be given this opportunity just to love her and hear her voice. My heart goes out to the thousands of refugees just like Hawa – torn by war, separated from family, literally homeless and in need of some serious emotion healing.

Joel and I left a gospel of John with her…pray that she will read it and receive revelation from Jesus to understand the truth!