God working amongst the Damara Tribe

The past two weeks our Trek team split into three different teams, each living with a different tribe here in Namibia. I and three others had the privilege of sharing lives with the Damara people.

“We had no idea you were coming, your visit to us was unexpected. But since you came everything has changed. It’s been so fun. You brought us the word of God. I want to be like you guys, sharing from the Bible, talking about God, praying for people.”

“To me the mustard seed is what you guys are planting here and in me. When you leave, we will continue meeting together to pray, read and listen to the Bible. The mustard seed will continue growing into a big tree amongst our people. Thank you for encouraging us…” – Oped’s thoughts after reading and talking about what the parable of the mustard seed meant to him.

“Thank you for teaching us how to do simple Bible study’s. We have experienced so much joy while listening to the Bible.”

We had the privilege of panting a small church amongst the Damara people. It was amazing going through specific passages from the Bible each day to lay strong foundations in their lives for the future. We experienced totally open hearts. It was like they had been waiting for us to come and encourage them, but didn’t even know we were coming. It was obvious God placed us there at exactly the right time…their hearts were ready. And we left with peace knowing that God will continue to grow his church – the Holy Spirit is their guide and will continue revealing himself through the Bible to them!

A few special people…