“Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.” (John 15:4)
A theme verse for me during this past week of praying and fasting together as a team.

It has been a great week to re-focus and experience God’s heart for the people of Mozambique. We are very excited to travel into Mozambique tomorrow for our last month of ministry!

Pray for…
– grace at the border tomorrow morning, as we all still need to obtain visas
– protection for our vehicles as we travel on rough roads
– spiritual protection, as we go into an area controlled by witchcraft
– the ability to communicate through the language barrier (English to Portuguese)
– an open heart for the Holy Spirit to flow through me in everything I do and say

What does “unreached” mean to you?

I’ve always had the desire to go to an unreached tribe…to be able to bring Truth to people that have never had the chance to hear that Jesus is the way, the truth and the giver of life.
This became a reality in my life over these past weeks.

God placed our team into the middle of the Yao tribe – a hidden people living in villages spread out deep into the bushes and mountains of central Malawi. It was here that I began to put faces to the unreached, to the lost.
These people don’t have the option of going to a church to find out about Jesus. All they know is Islam and witchcraft. They are seeking truth, knowing there must be something greater in life, and desiring to know their creator.

We we invited by the Muslim chiefs of many villages to show the Jesus film to the people.
If you don’t show the film and tell my people how to follow Jesus, they will never have a chance to hear.”
The Jesus film is a great evangelism tool in Africa. It’s a way of sharing Jesus life to a whole village at a time.

It was here that I met Elena, a woman of peace living in the middle of spiritual chaos.
She was caught between Islam and witchcraft, both of which offer no way out, no purpose, no freedom, no life. All she needed was to hear about Jesus for the first time and she was ready to begin a new life with Him.
Being a muslim, with a muslim husband, means the cost for her in following Jesus is massive…but she knew the truth when she heard it. She understood Christs love and saving grace for her, and she responded to it by making him the Lord of her life.

There are many people like Elena, just waiting to hear for the first time.


We are heading now to the border of Malawi and Mozambique, where we will spend the week fasting and praying together as a team. We will then be in Mozambique for about one month, doing a similar type of ministry.

Please pray for spiritual and physical protection. Pray as well for our vehicles, as they are taking a real beating from the type of roads we are travelling on.
We are praising God for the protection we have been surrounded with so far.

The Greatest Miracle

“Today is a day we will always remember, for it is the day you will bring us truth.”

God was drawing a family to himself and a teammate and I had the privilege of being a part of their journey. We walked into their yard and sat amongst the six of them who were just seated on he ground…each having received a stroke, leaving all or a part of their body paralyzed.

We immediately knew God was very intentional in bringing us to these people. We felt their hearts were open, and this was confirmed by their response to our question,
“Would you like to know more about Jesus?”
“Yes, yes in big bold letters!”

From here we spent rest of our day walking them through what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and how to be born again. God gave us grace, allowing us to pray for deliverance from the darkness binding the whole family. Each of them walked through the steps of repentance and confessing Jesus as the Lord of their lives.
As they put their faith in Jesus, He began showing his power through miracles. Each one was healed!
After repentance and believing, we had the joy of baptizing three of them in the river…I can’t explain the joy this brought, just to witness once again the freedom people experience when Jesus becomes their Lord and Saviour.


We witnessed Gods healing power physically as well as spiritually, but the greatest miracle is to see someone walk from darkness into light. They are now walking in a living relationship with Jesus!