Greetings from South Africa!


After a few very full and encouraging weeks at home, I’m thankful to be back in Africa again.  It was an amazing time to be around for Waldheim’s mission conference, then go straight to Zambia for OM Africa’s mission conference.
Many of the missionaries our trek team worked with were there giving reports…what an encouragement this was to see how the work is continuing on, and to hear how many of the new believers are really moving forward in their faith.

It was also awesome to speak with the Malawian missionaries, and to tell them that there will be many audio Bibles coming for the people of the Yao tribe…because of the generous donations of people back in Canada!

I am now in South Africa being discipled and trained in many different areas, all in preparation for what’s coming next…


Zambia Sewing


Learning to sew with a few Zambian ladies…that I may teach others