Praise Him!

Monday morning we experienced great favour at the Malawian Consulate…security guards giving information and referring us, ushered to the front of a full room of people, helped within fifteen minutes, approved visa in hand within one morning instead of it being sent away for processing and back within 10 days.  We walked away with great joy and praise to God, for it was all Him who allowed us through in this unique way.  This all gave us great anticipation for the next morning when we would go in faith to the Zimbabwe Consulate, anticipating a similar experience.

Tuesday morning we felt like we were hitting a brick wall…no prevail.  No possibility of getting the necessary visa.  This was interesting for us, as a Zim visa is necessary in order for us to make the trip, as we drive through Zim on our way out and back into South Africa.  We had prayed for God’s will to be done, for him to make the way forward with the visa situation…so we are trusting him even when the end result is different than we were expecting and hoping for.
We are just thankful for this reminder to be diligent in prayer and anticipation for what God is doing throughout every moment and opportunity that is placed before us.  This has opened up a special time for our team in experiencing Gods peace and honest guidance in every moment.
We are also learning again the importance of praising our King in everything!!  We look forward to what he is placing in front of us now, and are thankful for what he has reminded and taught us.
Thank you for praying with us!

Please pray for a miracle!

My team – Pharen (Zambia) Kelly (Paraguay) and myself – have just been given the opportunity to join one of our Africa Area leaders in visiting the OM fields in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.  This will be a strategic trip for us, as we are doing ministry planning for next year that involves these countries.

Each of us received an individual confirmation from God that, yes we are to go.
We plan to leave this Thursday, for three weeks.
Visa’s for myself and Pharen are all fine to get at the borders…but Kelly must have obtained 2 of the visas ahead of time, each which take 10 days to process…and we are only remaining with 3 days.
But as we have received the yes from God to go, we now pray forward in faith that he will make a way for the visas.
Working with government officials is a good place to see God do miracles, and we are praying in faith for just that.

 Please pray with us for divine favour as we spend time now at the embassies, as well as       at the border crossings themselves.