God’s Invitation

This last week of November I had the invitation from God to drop my normal schedule, and take the time to be just with him. He showed me that a chance like this is a big privilege, and an opportunity that won’t come up too often.
I was able to respond by going a quiet retreat farm, away from people, internet and daily responsibilities.

The theme with God each day seemed to be fearing Him…learning what that is for me personally, and then resting in his generous love, joy and contentment that flows from that.  I have come to experience a new contentment, freedom and comfort in the presence of Jesus.

He has taught me something about ‘comfort zones’.  What used to be my comfort zone is really not a comfort zone at all.  There has always been something inside of me, longing for a greater acceptance, longing for a greater purpose.  I never understood it, or how to fulfill these deep longings.
‘Home’ has taken a new meaning for me.  The phrase, ‘home is where the heart is’ is true.  If your home is totally focused on this earth, under the sun, then that’s where your heart will be.  This will lead to being ever unsatisfied, always searching for something more.  If your sights are set on your heavenly home, eternity with our Lord Jesus, than that is where you heart also will be.  This is when you will begin to experience complete satisfaction.  [Hebrews 11:13-16]

Waldheim is my earthly home, but not where I will find true comfort and freedom.  Waldheim is no longer my comfort zone, as the only place for this is in the presence of our Lord Jesus.  I am beyond thankful for the Holy Spirit living within me, and that Jesus stands in the gap for me, being the mediator between the Father and me.
Freedom is a life that is flowing fully in Christ Jesus!

It was a very special time to be quiet with the Lord.  I will forever treasure times like this, and seriously look to see if it’s not possible every six or twelve months. Challenge yourself to do the same!


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