We are ready for Zambia…our vehicle is not…God’s timing will always prevail!

The three of us had already planned to be on the road to Zambia, but Wednesday we found out that our vehicle would not be ready now until next week, due to maintenance taking longer than expected.

As a team we have already come to learn to be content in all circumstances, confident that God’s timing is better than ours.  So we actively continue waiting in South Africa.

Pharen, our Zambian teammate’s visa for South Africa expires this weekend, so she must now take the bus up to Zambia in order to prevent being illegal in the country.  She will prayerfully prepare the way for Kelly and I 🙂

When we receive our vehicle Tuesday morning, we must then transfer the ownership into OM’s name.  Please pray that we can complete this within one or two days, and not be further delayed.  I personally need grace in this area, as I am not so familiar with how these logistical processes work in Africa.



Ready to train some of the women with the skill of beadingphoto 4

A few of our new sewing machines!Singers


Soon there!

1.5 weeks until ZAMBIA!!!

My team and I are looking forward to February 12th, when we plan to leave for Kabwe, Zambia.  The last few weeks we have found ourselves in a very busy time of final preparations here in Pretoria, South Africa.  It’s amazing how much work there seems to be when setting up a new ministry.

We are SO excited to finally get there and to be on the ground working with the women.
It will be a challenging six months, as we have a few key focus areas…
* Equipping & Training – identifying and training a core group of leaders that will be in charge of running the Tabitha Designs Project at all levels
* Prevention – developing the Tabitha Designs Project and teaching the women basic life skills as well as a specialized skill, that they may provide for themselves and their families
* Evangelism & Discipleship – identity development and laying of spiritual foundations in the lives of the women, that they may truly know and experience Jesus in their lives
* Rescue & Rehabilitation – researching and beginning to establish a safe house, that women who are trapped in slavery and want a way out have a place to turn to for help and freedom

Please pray...
We are still in need of a vehicle to drive to Zambia.  Please pray that we will find the right one…something reliable that is able to hold people and supplies, and that’s able to drive on difficult roads.