“I am the Bread”

The ladies thrilled to have learnt how to make buns/bread (using charcoal)
for the first time!  


Our ladies are not just learning what it takes to physically make bread, but also spiritually what it means for them when Jesus says, “I am the bread of life” (John 6).  Each lady is on a special journey to either finding Jesus Christ, or going deeper into a serious and committed relationship with him.

Tabitha in action

Tabitha Skills Development is fully up and running!  We have about 50 women being trained each week – 5 classes with nearly 10 women in each class.  Between preparations, house visits, training and all the logistics of establishing a new project, my team and I find ourselves to have quite a busy schedule.
Each morning (except Monday) from 9-12 we have a class of ladies, as well as in the afternoon from 2-5.  We also manage to teach english and Bemba(local language) literacy classes somewhere in between.
Monday                                  Tuesday
Afternoon – Beading                 Morning – Tailoring
                                                Afternoon – Catering
Wednesday                             Thursday
Morning – Knitting                     Morning – Crocheting
Afternoon – Beading                 Afternoon – Catering
Morning – Tailoring
Afternoon – Knitting & Crocheting
We are enjoying teaching these skills to the ladies.  It is our desire to empower them to be self-sustainable women of God that bring transformation into their communities.
We spend about one hour on Bible study and basic life skills (health, nutrition, gardening, basic business, HIV&Aids, etc) then the other two focussed on their skill.
Most of the women in our classes are very vulnerable.  This means they are for sure living under the poverty line (less than $2/day), are illiterate and most likely widowed or in an abusive home situation with many children to care for.



Learning to cook pancakes


A few of our ladies :)

A few of our ladies 🙂


Learning to make beads

Learning to make beads


Knitting - a new skill for these ladies.  They love listening to the audio-Bible during class!

Knitting – a new skill for these ladies.  They love listening to the audio-Bible during class!