For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed are all those who wait for Him.  Isaiah 30:18
Five young children sitting in the dirt, each chewing on a stick or maybe a piece of sugar cane…children wearing clothes that look more like a few rags pinned together…a small mud house in the background…a young mom carrying a 5 gallon pale of water on her head…no shoes…material wrapped around moms feet as bandages…a family struggling to survive.
I pass by this home every Sunday morning on my way to church, and every Sunday asking God, “what would you do?”  The mom lost her husband in a car crash a few months ago, while she was pregnant with her fifth child.  He didn’t bring home much money, but it was at least enough to pay the rent and feed the children.
Now this woman is left alone, and even rejected by her family because she is a widow.  Survival has become a tough reality for her.
By God’s grace this young mom has become part of Tabitha Skills Development.
Tabitha exists to see women empowered, individuals freed from spiritual and physical oppression, and hope restored where all hope has been lost.  Tabitha is now having a wholistic impact in the life of this woman.  She has faithfully been attending classes each week where she is learning to knit.  The simple act of teaching this woman a skill gives her a great sense of worth.
She is unable to read, so she is also happy to be listening to an audio-Bible while she is knitting.  Although it will take time for her to really stand on her own feet again and earn enough money to send all her children to school, her outlook on life is positively changing as she is beginning to find her identity in Jesus Christ.
Even when she does not have a class to attend, she is often found at Tabitha, for it is an environment of peace and hope.
Through a basic micro-business training, she has learnt to start a basic business which not only brings income but also a sense of dignity and self worth.
Although she still has many struggles, it has been a privilege to witness thus far the transformation taking place in her life as well as the lives of her children.
Hope has been lit in her heart, for she knows God has prepared the path before her and will continue to bring justice into her life as she continues to wait upon Him.