Library in a Container Project!

On behalf of the Freedom Climb, one vision we have is for education.
We have the vision to see children of our surrounding communities transformed through education.  We desire to see the upcoming generations of young people grab hold of their education and purpose with the help of strongly equipped teachers that provide each child with a holistic education.  There is a lack of educated teachers from within the vulnerable communities to be role models for the children within their own communities.  This is where the first step of actually training people to become teachers becomes a necessary reality.
I’d like to introduce you to the Teachers Training Centre, another amazing Freedom Climb project here in Kabwe, Zambia.
TTC (Teachers Training Centre) is where Zambians are being trained as teachers.  This centre is currently in process of being accredited by the Zambian government, but is facing a few challenges.  One vital requirement for the accreditation of the college is to have a library/resource centre.  It will serve as a library for the teacher centre as well as a resource centre for several elementary schools in Kabwe are for teachers who have been trained through the centre.
To acquire such quality materials in Zambia is extremely difficult, and therefore we are looking to the outside for help.
The Library in a Container Project has been started, which is a dream to ship a 40ft container  containing all the library supplies from the US to Zambia!
Here is a website with details about the project and a bit about the ministry in Zambia with the teachers. Please feel free to pass this information to others you think may be interested in participating in this project in any way; prayer, finance, donations, time, connections, etc.
Step by step, we look forward to seeing God fulfill the vision of a library for the students and teachers in Kabwe, Zambia.

Cobra on the doorstep

After spending two weeks in South Africa to take part in meetings and the Freedom Climb, I am happy to be back in Kabwe, Zambia.  I thank God for the way he has really helped me to always feel like I’m coming home when I arrive back in Kabwe.

The first thing I always do when entering into a new place, or returning to an empty home is to pray, asking God for his presence, light and peace to fill the place.  This is what I did as soon as I came inside my home.  I then proceeded to unpack my bag, leaving the door and window open to cool the place down.  After an hour I realized I had not yet greeted my neighbours who live just in the other side of the building.  Instead of going out I first decided to sit down by the door and drink a cup of coffee.

A few minutes later I heard some commotion outside.  I nearly stepped out of the house but was yelled at to stay inside and close the door.  It was dark outside, so I couldn’t see what was going on, but I proceeded to do so.  I then realized it was Auntie Lillian coming to greet me, and the timing of it was only the grace of God.

As she came around the corner of he house, she immediately saw a 1.5meter long cobra, sitting right outside the door waiting for me to come out.  Fortunately she was far enough away not to disturb it, and was able to go and get her two boys to come and kill it.

This situation could have brought me fear, but instead it was encouraging.  I saw how God brought the snake into the light and allowed Auntie Lillian to see it before it could bring harm to anybody.  I saw once again how God is light, and light exposes the darkness!

I also thank God for helping me to understand such verses as Luke 10:19
“I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

I am continually learning the importance of knowing God’s truth and hiding it in my heart.  It is important to always be ready to speak the truth, for when the enemy tries to implant fear into you, it is important tot always be ready to resist him by speaking what God says in that situation.

In this situation I had the choice to react in fear or to ask God what He wanted to say.
My heart settled with Jeremiah 17:7 “Blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.”  

When you want to react with fear, are you giving room to first hear God’s voice?