Small Business Initiatives


Patricia is a young mom who has passed through Tabitha. She is married, yet doesn’t see much of her husband and is therefore left to provide for and take care of her two children. With no encouragement or empowerment this is a difficult way for a woman to live her life.
Patricia started coming to Tabitha two years ago to be trained as a tailor. Because of her eagerness to learn, she progressed quickly. She didn’t mind about walking to Tabitha each day, if that meant she could acquire new skills and learn something about Jesus.
A few months ago, Patricia was also equipped with a micro-business training. This training completely transformed her life! The training is very practical, whereby each woman is given a loan of $8 in order to start her own small business. Patricia decided to make use of her sewing skills and began to sew small dresses out of local chetenge material. She found that she was successful to sell everything she made, and was able to reinvest a few times over. She used the leftover pieces of material to make small purses. Within two weeks she had made about $100…what many people make in a month! This gave so much dignity to Patricia, for she realized she truly could do something with the skills she had learnt. Patricia’s husband has also taken a new interest in her and is so proud of the small business she has started. He sees a lot of potential in her and is now encouraging her a lot. Together they are now saving money that they may buy their own sewing machine, for until now Patricia was doing most of the stitching by hand. Patricia is now dreaming of opening her own sewing shop, where people can order dresses and skirts.

This transformation in Patricia’s life is motivating many other women to also step out and do something with the skills they are receiving through Tabitha.