Climbing for Freedom

A friend recently asked me the question, “over your past 2 years in Africa, what is the one thing that you have found to love the most?”

My immediate answer was, “seeing someone experience freedom for the first time ever, or for the first time in a long time…walking the road a few specific people who were so caught in poverty and felt they had no identity or purpose in life, but now knowing they are living daily in freedom.”

As I reflect back over that question, I greatly realize how important it is for me to help others come to a point of freedom and hope in their lives.
I have been so privileged to grow up in an environment that does everything it can to help me pursue my dreams.  I have been so greatly empowered, so therefore I desire to empower others. 

I have now been a missionary with OM for 3 years (1 in Switzerland, 2 in Africa).  Throughout this time, my heart has been torn in half so many times by the intense living situations so many people have.  It can come to a point where you either numb yourself to the hurting and pain of others, or you stand up taller and do something about it.
I am trying by all means to do the second option, together with God’s guidance.

My involvement with the Freedom Climb in Zambia has been that of working with vulnerable women…actually helping to establish a skills development program for them that brings them to a point of sustainable living.  I also have the privilege of aiding some of the other projects supported by the Freedom Climb, like the Makwati School.

This July, I have chosen to take another type of stand against the exploitation, abuse and poverty I have been living amongst.  I am climbing in this years Freedom Climb – an 8 day trek through the Alps, beginning in France and ending in Switzerland.

I am choosing to climb on behalf of the many children who have been abused and labeled to have no future, and the many women who have been thrown out, rejected and left without a voice.

In order to climb I am required to raise $10,000
What an opportunity this is to raise awareness and funds for such beautiful people!
I am designating all of this money towards the Tabitha Skills Development project and Makwati School in Kabwe, Zambia. (both projects supported by the Freedom Climb)

Will you join me?

Alps Climb LetterCheck out for more information