Video Update: A glimpse into my life

Hey friends!

It’s now been about 6 years since I first came to Zambia/Africa.  So much has happened over the years both in my life and through the ministries that I have been involved with.

Sometimes living life as a missionary in a foreign country can be viewed as something ‘out of the ordinary’, or ‘some special calling’….but in reality it’s actually not like that.  We are all called by God to know Him and make Him known, no matter if that is in our home country or somewhere on another continent.

My passion is to empower vulnerable and oppressed women around Africa, so that is what I have committed myself to do.
Even though there are many challenges along the way, I have learnt to love accepting God’s invitation to serve and lead here where He has placed me in Africa.

Now…thanks to the help of a friend, I would love to share this video with you, giving a quick glimpse into what my life is like here in Zambia.

Enjoy —

A day in the life of Larissa